Kizomba Super Events values

It is important to us that our events are:

INCLUSIVE: We welcome people of any age, culture, religion, race, gender identity, political belief, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability who adhere to our values. Followers and leaders treated equally by intructors. We have instructors of all genders. At socials and parties we encourage everyone to dance with everyone, and to look around and be aware of new people, go up to them and say hello so they feel welcomed and included.

SAFE: We will not tolerate any kind of emotional, verbal or physical harassment or abuse at our events. This means that sexist, racist, homophobic or other kinds of prejudice remarks or behavior will not be accepted. If you experience or see anything that you regard as inappropriate or uncomfortable please speak up. Tell the person whose behavior is inappropriate directly. If you do not feel you can do this please tell us, and even if you have told the person please tell us to so we also are aware of the problem. For more info on this subject see below.

ENJOYABLE: We want our events to be place were you can let go of “performing, achieving and perfecting” and just enjoy the experience. At workshops we encourage participants to savor learning and see mistakes as part of the learning, evlolving, expanding, and enhancing process and an opportunity to review and master skills. When practicing together in workshops we also encourage respecting each other’s way of learning. Everyone takes in new information differently. It often works best to focus on your own learning and work with your partner to make the practice as positive as possible.

RESPECTFUL: We encourage everyone to take care of each other on the dancefloor and to dance in a way that is comfortable for both people. Rather than using a social to practice every move you know, saying sorry for all the mistakes you feel like you are doing or giving your partner unsolicited “feedback or “lessons” on the dance floor we encourage you to respect each person and their level of skills and instead adapt your dancing to each person. It also means that our events are respectful of the history and culture of Kizomba and Semba and that we are in constant contact with central and influencial individuals and groups.

HIGH QUALITY: Even though we are a non-profit organization and our events are based on a break-even costs, we want our workshops to be well-organized with a large focus on quality - especially when it comes to the instructors. We only engage instructors that have a proven knowledge and experience of the dance they are teaching and excellent teaching skills.


Kizomba Super Events is a proud member of Safer Dance Spaces.

The vision of the Safer Dance Spaces initiative is to make our dance spaces safer and braver globally. We are a voluntary group of prominent teachers and organisers who have come together to make a difference in the partner dance communities.