Who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Kizomba Super Events is a non-profit organisation with the aim of enjoying and promoting Kizomba and Semba dance, music and culture in Sweden. With the dance Kizomba we mean the Kizomba, originating, and still danced, in Angola. With the music Kizomba we mean mainly the music of the Portuguese-speaking African countries: Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe but also from other countries such as DR Kongo, Antilles, Gabon etc.

Our story so far:


August: Regular outdoor socials called "Outdoor Kizomba Södermalm" at Södermalms Dansbana in the heart of Södermalm, Stockholm.

October: Our first Kizomba SUPER Weekend with nine hours of workshops with instructors Tania Mendonça from Angola/England and Sonja KikiZomba from Belgium. This was the first, and so far, the only time these two instructors have taught together. It was also the first time they both were in Sweden. We also had a party and social on Saturday evening.

December: Sonja KikiZomba is back in Stockholm again to continue to build on the event in October and teaches 10 hours of classy Kizomba. There is also a party on Saturday night.


February: A 3-hour intensive evening class with Billy and Monica of Kizomba Harmony, USA. Participants honed their basics and technique thanks to these two instructors. This was also the first time these instructors were in Stockholm.

May: Sonja and Elisa - that together form KikiZomba - lead a 10 workshop hours including a presentation were Elisa shared her knowledge of the Cape Verdian culture and music, being the granddaughter of Morgadinho, from the legendary band Voz de Cabo Verde, made her knowledge sharing even more exciting. We also had a social on Saturday evening.

"Outdoor Kizomba Södermalm" becomes "Kizomba na rua Stockholm" an hommage to Kizomba na rua in Luanda.

July: Monica and Billy of Kizomba Harmony visited us again and held a 3 hour Masterclass with a small group of students.

October: Another Kizomba Super Weekend, this time with Maria and Arnold. These two talented and energetic instructors taught 10 hours of workshops during the weekend and also had an amazing show at the party on Saturday evening.

December: Our first social/party that was not connected to a Kizomba Super Weekend. And we also had our first non-kizomba event: An Afrobeat and Ndombolo class with Heini Raggadecale.


February: We started offering Kizomba foundation courses for beginners, one at Stockholm's first and oldest Kizomba Club Kizola, and one in our very own space on Södermalm. In conjunction with the classes on Sundays we also started hosting a weekly social.

March: Kizomba Super Weekend with instructors Frans Soenen and Sarah Amaro. Frans and Sarah work together with Maria and Arnold in the group “The Avengers” so it fit well to have these instructors teaching consecutive Kizomba Super Weekends.

During the spring of 2018 we hosted three Saturday night Kizomba parties.

May: We continued with our Kizomba foundation courses and socials. An amazing weekend where all profits went to The White Helmets, A group of nearly 4000 volunteers who work to save lives and strengthen communities in Syria. We had a whole day of Semba workshops with Rashida Forbes form the U.K, a party with Kizomba drop-in class, and a energetic afro beat and ndombolo class with Heini Raggadecale, with a following outdoor Kizomba social on a lovely sunny day.

July: Organized a flashmob for World Kizomba Day in Gamla Stan. It was so much fun! The whole amazing summer we spent our Sundays dancing outdoor at our Kizomba Na Rua. And we also made a special “guest appearance” at beautiful Café Cul de Sac in Gröndal with a drop-in Kizomba class and social.

September: we had a very special event and hosted the first ever collaboration with Ginga - Kizomba Festival Hamburg! A party until sunrise and kizomba and semba workshops with Maria Maluca, Hamburg, and Lukasz and Karolina Vamula, Polen.

October: The most intensive Kizomba Super Weekend so far. A one-of-a-kind, truly intensive and high-quality training. Sonja KikiZomba and DJKS Vasco and Nora held sixteen hours of workshops in Kizomba and Semba, with one section focusing on musical knowledge, understanding and implementation, and one section focusing on both leaders and followers separately and dancing as couples.

December: Maria Maluca was back in Stockholm to teach Kizomba dancers how to add spice to their dance through ginga, tarraxinha and afrohouse body movement during a three hour bootcamp.


June: A concert with the legendary Bonga in Stockholm! Not organized by us ;) but we hosted the most epic Kizomba after party Stockholm has seen, among the 130+ guests were the musicians from Bonga’s band.

August: A Ginga and Kizomba workshop with Joana D’Art and Amanda Golert. And, as usual, during July and August, several Kizomba Na Rua’s at Sprallen and yet another “guest appearance” at beautiful Café Cul de Sac in Gröndal with a drop-in Kizomba class and social.

October: We celebrated our birthday and three years of events on October 5th with a 3-hour bootcamp and party! Instructors where Angolan national Kizomba and Semba champions Maura Edivania Bento and Gabriel Cabinda.


March: The Covid-19 pandemic strikes and we are forced to cancel both our our annual Kizomba SUPER Weekend, this time with Lucia Nogueira, Maria Maluca, DJ Sponky and Heini Raggadecale, our Wednesday Kizomba Socials, and the Kizomba & Semba Course Program with Amanda Jayessi. Instead we go online!

April: An Online Kizomba & Semba Course Program with Amanda Jayessi starts.

May: The first session in a series of online workshops with Lucia Nogueira begins! Semba & Kizomba Taraxada.

June: Following & Leading Magic with Lucia.

July: Afro Movement Energy and Flow Part 1 & 2 with Lucia.

September/October: Odyssey Sessions I: Kizomba/Ginga/Tarraxinha guest instructors Amanda Jayessi, Kimberley Nicole & Hanna Melder.

November: Odyssey Sessions II: Kizomba/Ginga/Tarraxinha guest instructors Amanda Jayessi, Bella & Chloe Park.


February: Kizomba and Semba Online course with Amanda Jayessi February to May. Proceeds of the course were donated to Luanda Kizomba Community Aid organized by Arte Do Bem Dançar in Luanda, Angola.

September: Kizomba and Semba Course with Amanda Jayessi September to December. 15 hours or regular classes plus four extra sessions focusing on a specific subject.

December: Dia de Kizomba! Two sundays with workshop, socials and Angolan food.


Kizomba and Semba weekly course with Amanda Jayessi.

February: Semba Super Weekend 26-27/2 - a unique weekend with Karolina and Łukasz Vamula focusing only on Semba only! In 2014 they got to the finals of ÁfricAdançar - 7th Edition of Kizomba International Championship and achieved 8th place. They give regular classes in Warsaw and teach and give shows during the weekends’ workshops and festivals, such as Ginga Kizomba Festival in Hamburg, Roma Kizomba Festival, Semba no Pé in Lizbon, Oslo Kizomba Festival, Vilnius Kizomba Festival, Angolan Festival in Cracow, Warsaw Kizomba Festival, Vamóla Dance Festival in Malmö, Dança Kizomba Festival in Belgium. Vamula is focused on insistent improvement of its dance skills through continuous training, participation in workshops and festivals, and exploring cultures of the countries from which these dances originate.

June: The plan was that Angolan champions Ary & Maura teach at Kizomba Super Weekend. But they unfortunatly did not get visas to travel. Instead we had a wonderful weekend with Sonja KikiZomba.

September/October/November/December: Kizomba Makamba with monthly drop-in Kizomba workshops and a social.

October: Kizomba Passada with Ybra Sany. 3 hour intensive workshop.


Kizomba Super Events’ motto is FUN, FEELING AND FLOW.

FUN. In order for EVERYONE to have fun at our events we strive to make them as welcoming, respectful and relaxed as possible. Therefore we engage instructors who is courteous, have a positive and supportive teaching method and know how create an uplifting and enjoyable learning experience for all participants.

FEELING. Music is at the core of all our events. It is the feeling that the music conveys to us that get us to dance. Therefore we engage instructors that have both the knowledge and the willingness to convey information about the music, the history, important artists, what the music means to the cultures etc.

FLOW. Workshops focus on participants learning from the ground up in order to ensure that their foundation is strong and their advanced techniques are classy, controlled and precise, so that when they dance they can flow to the music in a smooth, balanced and musical way. Therefore we engage instructors who themselves dance this way and who effectively can convey this knowledge as teachers.

Instructors at our events:

Sonja KikiZomba

Tania Mendonça

Kizomba Harmony
Maria & Arnold
Frans & Sarah

Heine Raggadecale

Maria Maluca

Rashida Forbes

Joana D’Art

Aristoteles Mazambi & Maura Bento


Gabriel Cabinda

Lucia Nogueira


Kimberley Nicole


Hannah Melder




Chloe Park


Karolina & Lukasz Vamula


Ybra Sany


Danse Select Canada