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Private lessons



Private Lessons

Tailor made. Focused. Convenient. Adapted.

With the instructors undivided attention the content and tempo will suite you and you can focus on your learning and development in a way that is tailored for you.

Spend more time on certain aspects of the dance and  the possibility to work on what you want.

Have your lessons when it fits you: during the day, in the evening, or weekends. Lessons are held in Gothenburg.

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Organize a workshop in your community.

For a small or large group. For different levels. With a specific focus such as musicality, basics, history and culture and more. A short workshop or a longer intentsive training,

Welcome to email or call to discuss options,
bookings, questions and prices:


Amanda Jayessi has been teaching workshops, weekly courses and private lessons since 2018.

She has trained with some of the best Kizomba and Semba dancers and teachers in the world.

Amanda both leads and follows and her dancing is characterized by strong foundations and technique that is danced with musicality, feeling and style. Her teaching is clear and dynamic and presented with humor and passion. Classes can be held in English or Swedish.

Amanda started dancing Kizomba in 2015 and has been trained by Lucia Nogueira (who also is her mentor), Sonja Schindelbeck, Maria Maluca, Joao & Giedre Rocha, and Kizomba Harmony. She has logged several 100 hours of workshops and private lessons with dancers/instructors such as Tania Mendonca, Paulo & Lanna, Ary & Maura, Fabricio Do Zangado, Josy Semkiz, Tony Viser & Carla, Frans & Sarah Kizombalove, Petchu, Lukasz and Karolina Vamula, to name a few. She is Ambassador in Sweden for Angolan Dances, and he has completed three instructor trainings for Kizomba and Semba: Kizomba Teacher Training Retreat with Lucia Nogueira, Maria Maluca, Sonja KikiZomba, Miguel E Susana and Sayana Isid'or, Kizomba Training by Lucia Nogueira Module 1 and 2, and Eddy Vents Teacher Training Module 1.