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For the FIRST time in Europe! Konpa immersion weekend!

Meggie and Schiller from Danse Select Canada are Haitan Konpa teachers that will be sharing their knowledge of - and passion for - this beautiful couples dance at a one-of-a-kind weekend in Stockholm, Sweden.

Limited spots and a balanced ratio of follows and leads = maximum quality and experience for your money.

Open Level. Content will be adapted to the participants. Dancers with experienced will get the opportunity to level up. Beginners will get a jumpstart and learn skills at their level.



Saturday 14:00-18:00
Sunday 12:00-16:00

Address: Bergsunds strand 43, 117 38 Stockholm. Metro Hornstull.


1500 sek/135€ per person
2800 sek/250€ for lead+follow or lead+lead

Hard time paying the fee all at once? Contact us about down payments:


Saturday 20:00-02:00

Class+Party 200kr

Party only 100kr | Class only 150kr
Address: Torsgatan 8A, 11123 Stockholm
Metro Centralen or Hötorget

Music is the heart of our events. At this party we will play music from Haiti Angola Cape Verde ️ Guinea-Bissau Mozambique São Tomé and Príncipe Equatorial Guinea DR of Congo French Antilles Kizomba, Semba, Zouk, Cabo Love, Konpa, Coladeira, Ghetto Zouk and more!



Schiller, entrepreneur and Konpa melomaniac had a dream: structuring Konpa dancing in order to teach it to everybody and make it accessible to anyone who'd like to learn, bringing the Konpa tradition to a social level.

He met Meggie, a dancer with 15 years of experience, on the dance floor of the Blueprint studio in Montreal while enjoying Konpa and Kizomba. That’s when they decided to join forces, breaking down the steps on moves they’d learned in their childhood and as they were growing up in Haiti.

Today they’ve taught hundreds of students in their Montreal-based school, Dance Select Canada, and at recognized festivals like Groove ‘N Kizomba, Global Tarraxo, Kiz ‘N the 6th, and many more.
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Kizomba & Semba Intensive Training with Kirsi VanSol

Welcome to a day of expanding your knowledge of Kizomba and Semba! This training is for dancers that really want to dive deep into their technique and musicality.

VERY LIMITED spots and a balanced ratio of followers and leaders, so sign up quickly to secure a spot.

ALL LEVELS! Content will be adapted to the participants. Dancers with experienced will get the opportunity to level up. Beginners will get a nice jump start.

PART 1: Dancers Technique in Kizomba & Semba (All levels)
We go through your body from head to toe to help you be a great dance partner, no matter what your current dance level. You’ll learn to maintain your health and longevity as a dancer – so you get ever stronger and more elegant in your posture, on and off the dance floor, and increase your ability to learn new techniques with any teacher in the future. �You’ll learn the correct weight shift and body movement, grounding for balance, adapting to different partners etc.

PART 2: Musicality 1 (All levels)
You will learn about different styles of music and what the music tells you as a dancer, how to listen to the different layers of the music and understand its structure to help your interpretation and how to express the music as if you were the instrument playing it!

ABOUT KIRSI: Kirsi is a kizomba teacher who was first trained in Europe since 2010 and later in Angola, becoming well-known throughout the world as an ambassador for Angolan dances. Since 2017 she has also brought groups of dancers to visit Angola. She doesn’t teach at many festivals, as they don’t allow the kind of immersive teaching she is known for. Her teaching methods have always been different from the mainstream dance classes, thanks to her background in biomechanics and extensive training in Angolan dances. Instead of choreographies, she teaches “the What, the Why, and the How” – proper fundamentals – so that students can learn to dance and create their own choreographies.

Besides organizing her own events, Kirsi is a part of the "Angolan Dances” group and in that role organises events such as "Tarde de Semba" and Angolan Dances Festival in Lisbon.

Fun fact: Kirsi is so far the only white dance teacher to have taught Angolan dances to Angolans, in Angola.

Kirsi talar även svenska


Swish 0765 93 99 15 write your FIRST & LAST NAME + "KIRSI" in message thank you.
Need to pay another way? Contact on Whatsapp +46 765 93 99 15 or Email:
Date: Sunday June 11, 2023
Workshops: 13:00-17:00 (including 30 min break)
Social/practice: 17:00-20:00
Location: Central Stockholm
Price: 500kr per person 900kr per couple

Kizomba Super Events is a member of Safer Dance Spaces to create a safer and braver dance scene. More info:

Private Lessons

Tailor made. Focused. Convenient. Adapted.

With the instructors undivided attention the content and tempo will suite you and you can focus on your learning and development in a way that is tailored for you.

Spend more time on certain aspects of the dance and  the possibility to work on what you want.

Have your lessons when it fits you: during the day, in the evening, or weekends. Lessons are held on Södermalm in central Stockholm.

Welcome to email or call to discuss options,
bookings, questions and prices:

sms/whatsapp: +46 765 93 99 15


Organize a workshop in your community.

For a small or large group. For different levels. With a specific focus such as musicality, basics, history and culture and more. A short workshop or a longer intentsive training,

Welcome to email or call to discuss options,
bookings, questions and prices:

sms/whatsapp: +46 765 93 99 15


Amanda Jayessi has been teaching workshops, weekly courses and private lessons since 2018.

She has trained with some of the best Kizomba and Semba dancers and teachers in the world.

Amanda both leads and follows and her dancing is characterized by strong foundations and technique that is danced with musicality, feeling and style.

Her teaching is clear and dynamic and presented with humor, passion. Classes can be held in English or Swedish.

Amanda started dancing Kizomba in 2015 and has been trained by Lucia Nogueira (who also is her mentor), Sonja Schindelbeck, Maria Maluca, Joao & Giedre Rocha, and Kizomba Harmony. She has logged several 100 hours of workshops and private lessons with dancers/instructors such as Tania Mendonca, Paulo & Lanna, Ary & Maura, Fabricio Do Zangado, Josy Semkiz, Tony Viser & Carla, Frans & Sarah Kizombalove, Petchu, Lukasz and Karolina Vamula, to name a few. She is Ambassador in Sweden for Angolan Dances, and he has completed three instructor trainings for Kizomba and Semba: Kizomba Teacher Training Retreat with Lucia Nogueira, Maria Maluca, Sonja KikiZomba, Miguel E Susana and Sayana Isid'or, Kizomba Training by Lucia Nogueira Module 1 and 2, and Eddy Vents Teacher Training Module 1.